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Eczema and related irritable skin conditions are on the rise!! A study last year revealed an increase of more than 40 per cent in four years, finding 5.8million people in England were affected by the condition in 2005 - an increase of 42 per cent from 2001!! Leading experts suggest a link between the rise in figures and our exposure to the many harsh chemicals we face in our environment....not least those found in our domestic cleaning and skincare products!! It is therefore more important than ever to be aware of the ingredients we expose our skin to so that we can protect our skin - our largest organ which acts as our foremost defensive barrier from harmful outside elements.
Orba Originals' commitment to keeping skin healthy is reflected in our Naturally No Nonsense Skincare TM Philosophy....nothing goes into our products that doesn't make good protective sense for our bodies!!

If you or a family member (from baby to grandparent) are suffering from irritable skin conditions, unsightly flare-ups, flaking and itchy scalp conditions, we'll hazard a guess that it's down to repeated exposure to one or more of the 'Big No No's' we've listed below - which you'll never find in any of our products!! If you would like your skin condition to improve (and you've had a chat with your GP) we would recommend that you take a careful look at the products and ingredients you are using and switch to alternatives that are kinder to your skin and use the 'Lovely Yes Please' ingredients we've listed below....all of which you will find are the hallmark of our healing cream therapies!

    BIG No No's!! THE BIG NO NO's!!
Lovely Yes Please!! LOVELY YES PLEASE!!
Lanolin is a natural product obtained from the fleece of sheep. Although Lanolin is widely used in various forms of cosmetics because of its hypoallergenic properties and the ability to block out bacteria, we won't use it in Orba products as it is also a known irritant exacerbating dry skin conditions such as Eczema and can cause Contact Dermatitis.


Essential Oils or Pure Oils are natural little wonders for your skin and are the key 'tool' used in aromatherapy to bring about well being and balance for the body. There are about 150 different oils with great healing properties. We carefully select and blend essential oils for use in our creams so that the greatest benefits are delivered to your skin.

These come in many forms such as Propylene Glycol (PG) and Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) in moisturisers and creams (look out for the 'ol' at the end!) and we avoid them because they can cause allergic reactions and excaerbate existing skin conditions such as Eczema.
It is possible for Vitamins to be created synthetically in laboratories and very often products listing Vitamins actually refer to the use of synthetic vitamins. Many will argue that the chemical structure of synthetic Vitamins are indistinguishable from the real thing. However, since we have the choice and we believe that Mother Nature knows what she is doing, we prefer to use the 'real stuff'!
While Topical Steroids certainly can provide rapid relief from the discomfort of itching associated with allergies like Eczema and Psoriasis, prolonged use can cause harmful effects which may include:
Thinning of the skin, Changes in pigmentation, Telangectasia (blood vessel) formation, Rosacea, Perioral dermatitis, Acne, Contact Dermatitis, Greater proneness to skin infections and Delayed wound healing ability.

We think those are more than enough reasons to avoid using steroids altogether!!
We source some of nature's most wonderful ingredients to bring about the same skin-rejuvenating and cell tightening effects that you might otherwise pay thousands of pounds worth of money for.
A derivative of crude oil (petroleum) mineral oil is used industrially as a cutting fluid and lubricating oil. It forms an oily film over the skin which acts as a shield to lock in moisture which is why you will find it is widely used in moisturisers. However it also locks in, toxins and wastes and hinders normal skin respiration by keeping oxygen out.


As well as keeping our products free from animal cruelty we avoid the use of animal derived ingredients which are sometimes obtained unethically. So while we will use natural by-products - such as the Goat's Milk protein in our Goat's Milk Creams -we won't use anything from the carcass of animals. Our products are therefore suitable for vegetarians and we are approved by the Vegeterian Society.

SULPHATES such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is commonly used to create luxurious lather in cleansers and shampoos but which can be excessively drying for skin. Continued exposure can systematically strip moisture and exacerbate dry skin conditions.

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